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Water in the Lake: Real Events for the Imagination

I'm not sure where my mother found this book, but my sister and I enjoyed reading it, imagining carrying out some of the bizarre instructions, and actually doing a few of them. I guess this is sort of a performance art manual of sorts, but very calm. The author, Kenneth Maue, doesn't really expect you to even read the whole book, and instructs the reader to, "Open the book to any page. Read as much or as little as you like. Skip around from place to place. Continue."

Here are a few random excerpts:

"Try to do something that you think is probably not possible, though not definitely impossible."

"Read a weekly news magazine. When you finish, cut out one article that especially interests you and tape it to the backside of a picture hanging on your wall."

"Put a book in your freezer and leave it there."

I had a book in my freezer until a few years ago. I think I'll put another one in there tonight.

UPDATE: I found someone else who loves "Water In the Lake"...and put a book in his freezer too.